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Campbeltown Loch (I wish you were whisky)

Der Whisky, den wir in zwei Wochen verkosten werden, hat seinen Ursprung in der eigenständigen Whisky-Region Campbeltown.

Soundtrack zur Verkostung: Andy Stewart — Campbeltown Loch.

Zum Mitsingen:

Campbeltown Loch I wish you were whiskey,
Campbeltown Loch och-aye!
Campbeltown Loch I wish you were whiskey,
I would drink you dry.

Now Campbeltown Loch is a beautiful place,
But the price of the whiskey is grim.
How nice it would be if the whiskey was free
And the Loch was filled up to the brim.

I’d buy a yacht with the money I’ve got
And I’d anchor it out in the bay.
If I wanted a nip I’d go in for a dip
I’d be swimmin‘ by night and by day.

We’d have a gathering of the clans
They’d come from near and far
I can see them grin as they’re wading in
And shouting „Slainte mhor!“.

But what if the boat should overturn
And drowned in the Loch was I?
You’d hear me shout, you’d hear me call out
„What a wonderful way to die !“

But what’s this I see, ochone for me
It’s a vision to make your blood freeze.
It’s the polis afloat in a dirty big boat
And they’re shouting: „Time, gentlemen, please!“